Production Process

(1) acceptance of quick-frozen raw materials: sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological tests are carried out to the raw materials of the plant. Heavy metals and pesticide residues in the raw materials into the factory inspection standard. Provide third party inspection report by supplier.

(2) storage of raw materials: the raw materials should be placed in the raw material warehouse for storage

(3) slow change: the raw materials need to be cut and placed in the buffer

(4) raw materials sorting: the rotten, green headed, with leaves, fruit and other visible foreign impurities to pick out.

(5) cutting: the product to be cut to be reduced, suitable after cutting

(6) weighing, sewing and placing shelves

(7) freezing: the carrier that carries the material is drawn into the frozen tunnel to be frozen

(8) vacuum freeze drying;

(9) determination of moisture in tank;

(10) sorting

(11) (milling), sifting

(12) mixing: only strawberry, raspberry and cherry three in one.

(13) X ray machine inspection;

(14) metal inspection

(15) acceptance of inner packing material;

(16) inner packing material disinfection;

(17) bagging

(18) weighing

(19) air suction and sealing

(20) compound scale

(21) outsourcing material acceptance;

(22) packing and labeling of finished products;